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Maybi provides an anonymous dating environment. You can decide when you wish to share more personal/private information. However, you should always consider the following:

Romance scammers

Just like spam infiltrates your inbox, romance scammers infiltrate dating sites. We work hard to remove them but they will always be there. Therefore you should keep all your conversations with the site. Romance scammers what you to leave the site as they know they will be removed. We have technology that assess the risk of each user which in turn flags them to the moderation team. We erase most scammers within 24 to 48 hours. If you leave the site and move to Skype, Hangouts etc you will not have the same level of protection.

Never send anyone money

Put simply, you cannot be scammed out of money if you never send anyone money! No matter how amazing a persons reason is to ask for money, never send any. No 'normal' person will ask someone on a dating site for financial help.

Meeting in person

When you are ready to meet someone, consider the following:

Tell a friend
Tell someone who you are meeting and where.

Take your phone
Remember to take your phone and ensure you have credit and it's charged.

Meet in a public place
Choose a bar, cafe or shopping centre. Make sure plenty of people are around.

Use your own transport
Never accept a life from a date, use your own transport.

This advice are recommendations and is not a complete list, please research 'online dating safety' online for further information.